Terror in New York: Car full of explosives rammed by Uber car on way to concert

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Terror in New York: Car full of explosives rammed by Uber car on way to concert

New York escaped a terrible terror attack today. Yes, there were casualties. And yes, there was apparently a terrible explosion. But a accident on the road prevented dozens and possibly even hundreds of people from being brutally slaughtered today.

In the afternoon, reports suddenly went around on X that heavy explosions could be heard in Rochester, New York. Helicopters were reportedly hovering over a spot where an explosion had occurred. Houses were shaking on their foundations.

More is now known. It appears to be a terrorist attack. Or, rather, a failed attack. A car filled with explosives was on its way to a rock concert. But before the car got there, a collision occurred with an Uber car. Both the attacker's car and the Uber car caught fire in the process. Terrorist Michael Avery was killed, two others - probably the occupants of the Uber car, too.

Apparently, a suicide bill was found making it clear that Avery wanted to kill concertgoers wanted to kill. Although two innocent people died, thank God, that was prevented.


Of course, the timing was a bit crazy. It is known what was going on. The band Moe gave a concert at the Eastman Kodak Theater. Moe has several Jewish band members and always plays the song Hava Nagila at their concerts.

So we can assume that the attack was planned because of the Jewish nature of MOE. And yes, chances are that the perpetrator is a radical Islamist. You can't make anything else out of it. Why else would this madman make a huge car bomb and want to kill innocent Jewish concertgoers (and others, for that matter)? That's not exactly the behavior of, say, a member of the Amish.

According to relatives of the wannabe terrorist, he was possibly suffering from bipolar depression. That too is very possible - but that too is no reason for such an attack. There are lots of people with such a disorder, but they don't commit attacks. He must have been driven by an ideology - given his target almost certainly related to the war in Gaza.

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