About Us

De Dagelijkse Standaard is a Dutch news and opinion blog that stays atop the news, generates its own news, and provides commentary and background information on the news. The website was established in 2009 and has always had a clear right-liberal signature since its inception. We take pride in our steadfast profile. Since May 2023, we also offer an English version of our Dutch website called Daily Standard Global.

We believe in honest reporting of the news, and we are editorially independent. However, we do not confuse these two core values with political neutrality. Many news media have attempted to make neutral reporting their trademark, and just as many have faltered in this endeavor. You can write it into your code of honor, but ultimately, the news is made by journalists - by people. And people are not politically neutral, no matter how hard they try to be.

We do not participate in that – we are thus firm, but not unfair. Straightforward, but not rude. Balanced, but not objective. This is the DDS/DSG method, and we look forward to applying it for many more years to the political and social developments in the Netherlands, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Our Editorial Team

Michael van der Galien. Twitter: @MichaelvdGalien. LinkedIn: @MichaelVanDerGalien.

Carlo van Remortel. Twitter: @Carlo_vRemortel. LinkedIn: @Carlo-Van-Remortel.
Kenneth Steffers. Twitter: @KenStash. LinkedIn: @KennethSteffers.
Mark Jongeneel. Twitter: @mjhjongeneel. LinkedIn: @MarkJongeel.

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