Shocking! Dutch poultry destroyed by rancid chickens from Ukraine

Shocking! Dutch poultry destroyed by rancid chickens from Ukraine

Support for the war in Ukraine is costing Dutch taxpayers tons of money. We are transferring billions and billions to the Ukrainians. But that is not the only economic consequence. Indeed, our poultry sector is being totally wiped out by our Ukrainian "allies. This is because recently Ukrainian farmers have been allowed to export their rancid (their living conditions are appalling) chickens to the Netherlands on an extremely large scale. As a result, our own poultry sector is collapsing.

Dutch poultry farmers are now sounding the alarm. Their industry is on the verge of collapse. Yes, it really is so bad that their entire survival is now at stake. The reason is simple. For almost two years our market has been flooded by imports of poultry - that is, chickens - from Ukraine. This is because a "tariff-free trade release" has been in effect since that time. Until then, there was no such release. Then imports appeared to be limited to 90,000 tons. Then suddenly those imports increased to 218,000 tons.... and those crazy imports - a 240% increase! - is only increasing.

(Article continues below this opportunity to get meat through HonestEating from our own farmers, who provide healthy products, and who treat their animals well)

Shocking! Dutch poultry destroyed by rancid chickens from Ukraine

Ukraine is throwing their chicken meat on our market at dump prices. They are doing this because the price of grain there has fallen sharply. Our own farmers cannot go along with that, and so they now have a serious problem.

This is, of course, despicable. Our farmers are literally being destroyed. Yes, that is literally what Frans Timmermans wants. He said that just yesterday. After all, the horticultural and livestock sector must be moved out of our country, he says. "Be relocated" elsewhere. To Ukraine, that is.


That's bad anyway, but it gets much worse when you consider that those chickens in Ukraine are treated in abominable ways. In the Netherlands, we all have strict rules that poultry farmers have to comply with. Our chickens are delicious, but also healthy and well treated.

But in Ukraine? There they do what they want. Those chickens there are treated like vermin.... and then their meat is just like that, hop, put in our supermarket.

(Article continues under the banner of EquitableEating)

Shocking! Dutch poultry destroyed by rancid chickens from Ukraine

What about the use of all kinds of rancid chemicals and hormones? In the Netherlands all that stuff is not allowed to be used, and farmers in our country pride themselves on keeping everything "pure nature. But in Ukraine? What deranged lunatic thinks that chickens are treated the same way there?

So yes, it's terrible for the farmers that this is happening.... but it's also terrible for ordinary Dutch people. For people who can eat a healthy piece of chicken from Dutch farmers, but instead get a bloated sickly chicken from Ukraine in front of them. Literally.

It is waning.

For our farmers - and ourselves

Of course something must be done about this. This can't be like this. It's disgusting. It's rancid. It's just criminal - that our own poultry farmers are cast aside for a bunch of unsanitary chickens from Ukraine. And this is made even worse by the fact that if the chicken is treated in an ordinary way in our country, it has to be mentioned that it comes from Ukraine ... but if they turn it into chicken schnitzel, then suddenly it doesn't have to be. Then it is supposedly a Dutch product.

(Article continues under this banner for HonestEating)

Shocking! Dutch poultry destroyed by rancid chickens from Ukraine

That is why it is more important than ever that we support each other. That we Dutch people eat consciously and good chicken (and other kinds of meat). That's precisely why Thierry Baudet and Gideon van Meijeren Equitable Eating. At HonestEating you can buy an All-Purpose Box with meat (chicken, cow, etc), vegetables and carbs. You do so at a great price and fresh from the Dutch farmer. EerlijkEten gets it from ónly our farmers, puts it in boxes, and brings it to your doormat.

Of course we also have special meat boxes at EerlijkEten, so only with Dutch meat. Premium meat. No waste bagger, no animals injected with hormones, all kinds of "vaccines" and other chemicals. It's delicious, high-quality meat. And the price at EerlijkEten is cheaper than what you pay in the supermarket for dilapidated meat from abroad;

By doing so, you support Dutch farmers AND you ensure that you and your family have delicious food. It doesn't get any better than this. And let those people in Ukraine eat 'Ukrainian chickens'. We eat Dutch meat from Dutch animals - from Dutch farms.

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Shocking! Dutch poultry destroyed by rancid chickens from Ukraine

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