Bombing Yemen: The Dutch contribution is laughable.

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

Bombing Yemen: The Dutch contribution is laughable.

Night's bombing by the United States and the United Kingdom of the Houthis in Yemen is a necessary and powerful signal to a group that apparently thinks they can threaten international shipping lanes with impunity. And what does the Netherlands do? We support this action with a paltry "one staff officer"! Laughable of course then don't participate. This is a typical example of how the Dutch government hides behind major powers while hardly contributing anything substantial itself. Anything to keep up the image of shameful international involvement.

Let's be clear: The Houthis are not innocent players. Their constant attacks on ships in the Red Sea are not just a regional problem, but a direct threat to a vital part of world trade. By disrupting the crucial route between Europe and Asia, they are undermining the global economy. And let's not forget that this route is responsible for a significant portion of global shipping. This is no time for half-measures or political correctness; this is a time for clear and decisive action!

The most laughable part of all this is that the United States and the United Kingdom are doing the heavy lifting while the Netherlands stands on the sidelines clapping with a single officer. Is this really the best we can do? This is not only a missed opportunity to send a strong message about our own international responsibility, but also a painful illustration of how the Netherlands should but cannot or will not use its military and diplomatic muscle. Of course, our Royal Navy should have been present with at least one warship to secure this merchant route.

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Not to mention the threat of a retaliatory attack by the Houthis. This is a realistic and worrisome prospect. The Dutch government needs to better protect and inform its citizens in these uncertain times. The situation in Yemen is not just a distant reality; it has direct implications for international security and the stability of the region. It is high time for the Dutch government to take responsibility and play a more active role in addressing such global threats. This half-hearted attitude is simply unacceptable! A little more the mentality of Michiel de Ruyter we would like to see reflected in Dutch defense policy.

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