Watch! NPO discovers new indigenous tribe: 'These people are not far-right but concerned about their land'

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Watch! NPO discovers new indigenous tribe: 'These people are not far-right but concerned about their land'

Harm Beertema watched Op1 yesterday. There, in fact, was an Iranian-Dutch documentary filmmaker who made a project about so-called "far-right Dutchmen. But what turns out? They are not far-right. They are merely anxious and the destruction. The result? The entire table at Op1, says Beertema, "acts as if they are watching a documentary about a newly discovered tribe in New Guinea."

We on the right have known for years that people who are dismissed as "far right" are not that at all. Often they are patriotic people, yes, but by no means Nazi or whatever. They - and we, because we also belong to that group - are just concerned about our beautiful country, our culture and we see a lot of people being destroyed by a highly educated clique of leftist creeps.

Well, they finally found that out yesterday also at Op1. They had invited documentary filmmaker Sahar Meradji about a new documentary of hers; a documentary about people who have been called "far right. Indeed, her conclusion is that they are not that at all. They have concerns. And rightly so.

The whole table was staring at her in complete amazement. Geez, what a revelation! Who would have thought that!

Online, Harm Beertema rightly comments there. "Funny. The documentary maker Sahar Meradji explains that people who have been dismissed by Op1 for years as far-right are not far-right at all, but concerned," Beertema says.

"The presenters sit there as if they were watching a documentary about a newly discovered tribe in New Guinea. And that when they could have just listened to my fellow PVV MPs and me for more than 13 years," he continued.

To that he concludes with: "But yes, that cordon sanitaire huh. The stupid right, the tokkies, they were not allowed a stage."

As Paul Cliteur then reacts: "Exactly as Harm says."

(Article continues below this call) At DDS we have been shouting for years that for us on the real right it's not about hate, it's about love. Love for each other and love for our country. Do you support that patriotic lingo? Support us then! Donate to DDS through BackMe and help us stand up for our people, our country and our culture every day!

The Cartelians have not wanted to see this for years. If you want to preserve something, if you oppose the Woke-Mass-Immigration figures, for decades you have been dismissed as a half or whole fascist, a Nazi, a new Hitler. But of course that is completely nonsensical. You don't want to put people in camps. You don't hate people. You only want to protect what Holland once was and possibly still can be and improve your country, where you can.

Actually, it is downright bizarre that they are only now finding this out at Op1. Of course they'll just put this kind of knowledge and insight back on ice soon, but hey: it's still refreshing to see that they seem to be doing something with it for a while.

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