WHO Madness: Tedros wants us all to eat grass!

Benjamin Huizen

Benjamin Huizen

WHO Madness: Tedros wants us all to eat grass!

Unbelievable: the biggest bosses of the supposedly neutral World Health Organization, led by their globalist Marxist leader Tedros Ghebreyesus, have it together again. Their latest "brilliant" idea? They want us all to eat less meat - yes, you read correctly - and feed on plant-based foods. Like we're rabbits!

This is not just any health advice, no, it is a clear attack on our personal freedoms. Tedros claims that "food systems contribute to more than 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and are responsible for nearly a third of the global disease burden. In other words, it's our fault, and now we must pay by giving up our beloved piece of meat.

Pepijn van Houwelingen of the Forum for Democracy hit hit the nail on the head with his response to X: "Yes, you heard right. The director of the World Health Organization also wants to start dictating what you should eat to supposedly combat climate change. It is time for the Netherlands to turn its back on this globalist club!'

This is another clear example of how these "health experts" are trying to dictate our lifestyle. Or rather, how globalists abuse health and climate to impose their globalist anti-human plans on us. Or rather, to shove them down our throats.

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The curious thing is that so-called wappies have been shouting for years that this is one of the big goals of the globalists. "They want to get us off meat, we'll only be allowed to eat plants soon. And insects." Such things were dismissed as crackpot conspiracy theories. But what turns out? The WHO chairman is now just saying it out loud himself.

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