European Court bans deporting Moroccan RAPIST

Benjamin Huizen

Benjamin Huizen

European Court bans deporting Moroccan RAPIST

Wonderful news, ladies and gentlemen! The always wise and perfectly reasonable European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), in all its infinite wisdom, has decided that the Netherlands cannot deport a Moroccan rapist. Oh, don't forget the reasons - because this poor misunderstood soul allegedly has "multiple personality disorders" and is "retarded."

Yes, you read it correctly. The Dutch judges, those who usually interpret and apply the laws of the land, have decided after much consideration and legal analysis that this man may be deported, given his heinous crime. And why not? According to reliable sources, he has family in Morocco who can take care of him just fine. But of course, the ECHR has again found a way to show their compassion for the people who deserve it least.

How noble of the ECHR to make such a considered decision. To stand up for the rights of an individual who has so flagrantly violated his own and others' rights. And what a surprising reversal, where they stand up for the "right" of a criminal to remain in a country he has so shockingly defiled.

And let us not forget the poor Secretary of State, whose efforts to deal appropriately with this crime have now been stalled by the "omnipotent" European court. Wouldn't it be great if the judges showed as much compassion for the victims of such heinous crimes? But no, let's instead focus our energy on the perpetrators. After all, that's what justice means in these modern times, right?

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So, bravo, EHR. You have once again proven how deep your compassion and understanding of human nature are. How fortunate that we have these bastions of moral superiority to show us the way in these confusing and changing times. What would we do without them? Undoubtedly, justice would prevail. What a disaster that would be.

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