Missed opportunity: Elementary schools postpone decision on cell phones until after summer

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

Missed opportunity: Elementary schools postpone decision on cell phones until after summer

It is disappointing that elementary school are unlikely to make a decision on cell phone use in the classroom until after the summer break. While a directive for secondary education was announced yesterday, primary education seems to be behind in taking a stand reports the NOS.

A spokesman for the PO Council, the sector association for primary education, said that time is needed to reach a decision. "It still needs to be discussed with the school organizations, and that will take place after the summer break." This delay is a missed opportunity to effectively address the problem of cell phones in the classroom.

The Ministry of Education yesterday issued urgent advice to schools not to allow students to use cell phones, tablets or smartwatches in class unless there is a special reason. However, the advice is not binding and there will be no legal ban. It is therefore up to the schools themselves to interpret it.

It will take effect Jan. 1, 2024, but at present it applies only to secondary education. MBO and colleges are outside the urgent advice from The Hague. This lack of uniformity and uniformity in education is disappointing and causes confusion among students, parents and teachers.

It is frustrating to see that there is a directive, but taking concrete action is delayed. Endless talk without actual implementation acts like a deadly virus, especially in education. It is precisely in the students' interest to have clear rules regarding cell phone use so that the focus in the classroom can be on learning.

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It is time for primary education to recognize the importance of this issue and accelerate the discussion. It is critical to establish policies that regulate cell phone use in the classroom and emphasize a healthy learning environment. Education should play a leading role in shaping our children's future and promoting their educational experience.

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