Ranking war hitter Nikki Haley demands free weapons for Ukraine: 'This is about preventing war'

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Ranking war hitter Nikki Haley demands free weapons for Ukraine: 'This is about preventing war'

For the Republicans, the first primaries will take place very soon. The winner of those primaries will become the eventual Republican presidential candidate. The woman who is now in second place in the polls is Nikki Haley. And that's a problem. After all, Ms. Haley is crackpot.

Donald Trump is thank God by far the favorite to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. And yes, when I say thank God I really mean thank God. Because according to many polls, Nikki Haley is currently the number two or three in the race, more or less on par with Ron DeSantis, the terrific Florida governor who nevertheless, unfortunately, is not coming out very well during this presidential campaign.

If Haley was number one in the polls we would have a very big problem. You see, this woman is totally insane. She wants to work war everywhere - always. The more war, the better. That is the vision of this crazed psychopath.

For example. She says very proudly that she wants to give "no American troops, no cash, no blank checks" to Ukraine. What then? Weapons. Because apparently weapons are free (young-young-young).

But wait. That's not all. Because in the same tweet in which she announces that she wants to give more, more, more weapons to Ukraine, she argues that that country can then defeat President Putin and prevent war.


Yes. Really. She really did write it down that way. Literally:

"I have been clear about my position on Ukraine: no American troops, no money, no blank checks," the ice queen said. "Give Ukraine the weapons it needs to defend its sovereignty and defeat Vladimir Putin. This is about preventing war."

Then you are out of your mind. First, of course, those weapons cost tons of money - money that American taxpayers just have to cough up. But more importantly, that deranged lunatic says that encouraging war by supplying weapons en masse prevents war.

Hey, there is a war going on. You are keeping that war going. And then you say that what you do prevents war? Then you're not quite right, are you?

Arms Industry

By the way, Ms. Haley leaves unmentioned that she has a very close relationship with the gun industry. In 2018, this woman was virtually broke. She was on the verge of financial ruin. Since then, however, she has become very rich very quickly.

How, By her work for the Military Industrial Complex. In other words, with the arms industry. She has worked for Boeing - manufacturer of weapons and a company that has a defense contract with the U.S. state. In addition, she works for United Against a Nuclear Iran. That's a group that advocates military attacks on Iran. Then there is Prism Global Management, a fund that. invests mainly in the "defense world" and thus in weapons.

Michael Haley, Nikki Haley's husband, even started his own defense company in recent years. He now earns $500,000 a year from that. That company apparently operates with another company, a sister company, that helps clients win defense contracts.

A great danger

You have to imagine what will happen if this deranged woman takes control in America. She really just wants more war. With Russia, with Iran, with China. The more, the better. America must go to war everywhere.

Why? Because she is a psychopath AND because she makes tons of money doing it herself. Yes, it really is that simple. This woman is out of her mind. She's a great danger to humanity... and she wants to enrich herself at the cost of a world war. That is why she advocates more, more, more war.

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Oh, that AND because this advocacy for war gets her a lot of positive attention in the press. Although Ron DeSantis is supposed to be Trump's biggest rival, the big lobbyists and the big media have expressed support for Haley. She is being promoted everywhere - every day. Exactly as D66 is promoted by our media in the Netherlands.

As a result, she is slowly rising in the polls and is indeed now second or third. Shés the candidate of the establishment - the establishment at wants war everywhere, all the time. And that makes her life-threatening.

For God's sake, let's hope this creep is defeated by Donald Trump.

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