Wilders' elusive agility: from 'Netherlands First' to 'Ukraine and Israel above all else

Benjamin Huizen

Benjamin Huizen

Wilders' elusive agility: from 'Netherlands First' to 'Ukraine and Israel above all else

In a stunning series of tweets, PVV leader Geert Wilders has astounded us all. First, on Thursday, he declares "100% support for Israel." On Friday, he adds a photo of Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas with the powerful words, "Bring them home now." But the real highlight - or should I say low point? - was his unconditional statement of support for Ukraine.

"Today in my office in Parliament, I received the Ambassador of Ukraine, H.E. Oleksandr Karasevych, accompanied by the Erekonsul Karel Burger Dirven, and paid my respects to the brave Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and reclaiming full national sovereignty."

Sounds noble, doesn't it? But this is the same Wilders who always insisted on "Netherlands first," who criticized EU and NATO expansion and who consistently opposed Ukraine's entry into these organizations. The man who rightly pointed out the risks of Western interference in the Eastern European conflict. And now this?

It seems Wilders has made a 180-degree turn. Is this a strategic move or a genuine change of heart? For a man who always beat the drum about national sovereignty and protecting our Dutch identity, these sudden statements about supporting Ukraine and Israel are more than remarkable.

Are these tweets an attempt to reinvent himself on the international political stage? An attempt to make himself acceptable as a possible future prime minister? Or is it simply a moment of political confusion? Whatever it is, Wilders' new stance raises questions about his principles. What does he really stand for? For Néderland or for American hegemony and Israel?

(Article continues below this call) At DDS, we stand for Holland. Holland First. Now and always. Not Ukraine first. Not Israel first. Not America first. Not NATO first. Néderlanders first. Do you think the same way? Support us then! Donate via BackMe to DDS and strengthen our pro-Dutch sound!

Time will tell what this remarkable turn in Wilders' politics means. One thing is certain, however: the Geert Wilders we thought we knew seems to have changed. From "Holland first" to an unexpected globalist embrace.

Come on Geert, this is not why hordes of Dutch people voted for you. That you have to play games, so be it, we all know that. But don't forget that you won to put the Netherlands and the Dutch first. Always. Our money should go to good healthcare, to good education, to housing, to affordable groceries - not to hobby wars of the American and Israeli arms industries.

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