South Holland officials put climate obsession above neutrality - FVD asks for clarification

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

South Holland officials put climate obsession above neutrality - FVD asks for clarification

In a staggering development, 20 officials in the province of South Holland have acted boldly by signing a fire letter calling on the cabinet and the House of Representatives to speed up "climate action. This is not only a nasty and undesirable development, but also a clear signal of these civil servants' sweeping political signature. The sympathy for leftist political agendas, such as an obsessive focus on climate, is once again painfully obvious.

This action is inappropriate and troubling in several ways. First, it is not for provincial officials to comment on national political issues. Their primary duty is to serve the public interest in a manner that is neutral and non-partisan. By getting involved in the political debate over climate policy, these officials are violating these fundamental principles of their job.

Second, this move calls into question the political neutrality within our government agencies. It is alarming that civil servants, who are supposed to be above the parties, openly endorse a politically charged and controversial agenda. This undermines confidence in the impartiality of our public services.

Forum for Democracy South Holland has rightly asked for clarification on this issue. It is absolutely unacceptable that civil servants, who are funded by taxpayers, openly interfere in political discussions, putting their neutrality at risk. Moreover, this raises questions about the role of the King's Commissioner and CDA-bobo Jaap Smit. How can such political activism be tolerated under his rule?

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This action is a clear example of how leftist political ideals are creeping their way into the structures of our government. It is a dangerous trend that erodes the integrity and neutrality of our public services. It is time to stop this trend and demand that civil servants return to their core tasks, free from political influence and activism. Good that FVD Zuid-Holland is on top of this.

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