Mark Rutte wants to go to NATO

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Mark Rutte wants to go to NATO

The Netherlands was the only EU country actively supporting America and the British in attacks on the Houthis in Yemen last night. There was a Dutch staff officer involved who had a good look at everything. And that's crazy... Until you realize that Mark Rutte, of course, just wants to be Secretary General of NATO. Then suddenly it makes perfect sense.

The attack on the Houthis last night is totally preposterous. It makes no sense at all. Yes, the Houthis sometimes attack some ships, but those ships are then in their own territorial waters. There are also entire hordes of African pirates. These are not attacked by anyone - certainly not by a coalition led by America.

Still, the Houthis were attacked last night. Pretty heavy bombing took place. The reason can be guessed: the Houthis have occasionally attacked Israel. They support the Palestinians - and Hamas. As one of the few groups/countries in the region, they not only say so, but put their money where their mouth is.

Next, it is not Israel itself that strikes back. No. That's what her cronies have to do. Or subordinates, depending on how you look at this issue. And so America and Britain opened the attack. Nice hitting Houthi targets. Yay, what fun!

So the Netherlands was also involved in that. There was and is public support and that's not all. Mark Rutte just very happily let know that a Dutch staff officer was even involved. "The Dutchman was added to the American coordination center. I cannot make any further announcements about the exact activities. We provided political support to the Americans and the British. They additionally requested a staff officer, and we provided one," said the outgoing prime minister who apparently thinks that even though he is outgoing, he can just actively participate in causing a new war that may culminate in World War III.

This, of course, is quite crazy. What am I saying, it is totally crazy. The Netherlands being actively involved, as the only EU country?

Weird. Our army doesn't amount to anything. That staff officer was not needed for anything. Holland adds very little - except that America can say that it was not a unilateral action, but that two whole other countries were involved (at a minimum).

So why is Rutte doing this? Well, there is really only one conclusion possible. Rutte wants to become secretary general of NATO. That rumor has been going around for some time, and this is the ultimate proof that it is true. By adding that staff officer to the coordination center AND publicly expressing support for these ridiculous bombings, Rutte proves that he is a loyal and faithful ally of America, that he will do anything that country demands, and that he will sacrifice his own country's interests without question to protect American hegemony.

That's what the Americans want from a future secretary general - and so Rutte gives it to them.

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