Laugh! Henri Bontenbal embraced by media as 'intellectual new leader' CDA: after all, he is climate crazy

At the media cartel as well as the party cartel, they are heartily happy today. After all, all the old parties are going to be led by comparable figures. The CDA 'chooses' (LOL) Henri Bontenbal, 40-year-old member of parliament best known for... shares the D66 view on climate. Ah yes.

Frans Timmermans is the list leader of PvdA-GroenLinks. His main point of view? He is completely climate crazy. Everything must give way to "climate change." The economy must be destroyed, personal freedoms must be abolished. He and his technocrats decide how to do it.

Rob Jetten has taken over at D66. Jetten is, if possible, even crazier than Timmermans. Namely, he wants to spend billions and billions of euros to decrease the temperature by 0.000036 (is that a 0 too little or too much?) degree. Or make it increase less rapidly. It doesn't get any crazier than that.

Henri Bontenbal: Climate Crazy

And now it has been announced that Henri Bontenbal is going to lead at the CDA. What sets him apart from his party colleagues? First, he is relatively young. Second, he is supposedly hearty intellectual (LOL). And thirdly he is as climate-shy as Jetten and Timmermans.

Yes, really. Which is why he is so well received today by the media cartel that portrays him as a true intellectual and as a young "reformer" who can put the CDA "back on the map."

Check out this video of Bontenbal taking a Jetten position on the "climate fund" and climate madness in general this September. Watch and listen ... and see that this man really is the Rob Jetten of the CDA.

(Article continues below this call) At DDS we understand better than anyone that Henri Bontenbal and his CDA want to steer the Netherlands in completely the wrong direction. They want even more climate policy, even more nitrogen madness, even less freedom, and even more inflation. We are going to fight this! But for that we need your help. Because DDS is being harshly punished by Big Tech and the media cartel. So support us! Donate to DDS via BackMe and help us fight against climate madness and the CDA!

So now we have not one, not two, not three (because Green Left and PvdA are still different parties, of course), but four mainstream, old parties that are emphatically led by totally out-of-touch climate nuts. By radicals who are only too willing to sacrifice the prosperity of the Dutch to achieve their grand Climate goals.

Man. Those Lower House elections 2023 are really going to be the most important elections of our lives. It's now or never.

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