It's official! Lightweight Jetten 'may' lead D66: 28% of D66 voters voted for him

It's official! Lightweight Jetten 'may' lead D66: 28% of D66 voters voted for him

Rob Jetten is incredibly happy today. For D66 has announced that he has won the internal "election" for the list leader position. How? Very simple: by the fact that there was no opponent. Hilariously, Jetten received support from only 28% of D66'ers. The rest did not find it interesting enough to vote.

After he "won" the election Jetten very proudly let it be known that he is heartbroken. "Thanks for the trust," he tweeted, putting a picture of himself.

"This is a crucial moment. War on our continent, the earth is warming, people are working hard but don't have enough left over at the end of the month. And The Hague? There everyone is too preoccupied with themselves. If nothing changes, big problems will remain," said this great - cough - 'democrat' on X (formerly Twitter).

At the General Dagblad reports they then said that Jetten received the support of a whopping 93% of D66 members who cast a vote. "A large majority," they then call that result. Jetten is quoted as saying that that high level of support gives "great energy" for the election campaign for the 2023 Lower House elections.

But that's worded lol. Because Jetten had zero opposing candidates - literally, none, not even a candidate "to keep up the appearance of democracy."

And that's not even all. No, what is much more interesting is that only one in three D66 members exercised their right to vote. Or rather, 30 percent. 30 percent voted. 93% of them voted for Jetten. This means that he received the emphatic support of only 28% of D66 members.

What this means is that even at D66 they have no confidence whatsoever in this lightweight. 28% of D66'ers - of all people - took the time to vote for him. The rest didn't find the "election" (without an opponent) at all interesting and didn't feel the need to send him a message of support either, just so he can feel good and they can keep up the appearance of supporting him - at least by his own people.

(Article continues below this call) At DDS, we understand better than anyone that the 2023 House of Representatives elections are the most important elections of our lifetime. Therefore, the truth must be proclaimed about D66. This party wants to totally destroy the Netherlands. No, that is not an exaggeration. That's why we oppose D66 in every way... but we need your help. Because Big Tech and Big Media are punishing websites that criticize D66 in every way possible. Support us therefore! Donate! And fight with us, side by side, against this life-threatening party!

If D66 people don't want to take the time to vote for him, why should ordinary Dutch people? His own party colleagues are not running hot for him. They understand better than anyone that Jetten is effectively Sigrid Kaag's bag-carrier.... And that he will never become more than that.

Fortunately, this also means that at the same time it is something of good news for ón us - ordinary, right-thinking Dutch people. Because the chances of D66 becoming great under the leadership of the charisma-less Jetten are zero. He will be totally lost in the battle with Frans Timmermans, Dilan Yesilgöz and all those other party leaders. He won't even come close to staying upright.

And that, then, is very good news!

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