Geert Wilders sighs: Quantity of threats makes reporting time-consuming

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

Geert Wilders sighs: Quantity of threats makes reporting time-consuming

In a disturbing and sad revelation, Geert Wilders (PVV) has expressed his despair over the constant threats he is subjected to. On Twitter, he shared his frustration and stated that he is threatened so often that reporting them is actually pointless. The amount of time it takes to report these threats is overwhelming, and dealing with them seems like an impossible task. This is a heartbreaking insight into the reality Wilders faces on a daily basis.

Yesterday, Wilders reported as many as 132 threats to the police. These include shocking content in the form of videos, pictures and texts, coming from abroad, threatening him with murder. It is disturbing to hear that such threats come from people who identify themselves as Muslims, as it highlights the intolerance and hatred that some individuals associate with their religion, Islam.

The fact that Wilders receives such an unprecedented amount of threats sheds a harrowing light on the dark reality of the political climate in which he operates. Regardless of opinions about his political views, no one should be the target of such violent and hateful threats. It is a tragic reminder of the ever-increasing polarization and intolerance in our society.

It is understandable that Wilders feels disheartened by these constant threats and feels that reporting has become a fruitless task. It is worrisome that he cannot find the reassurance and protection to which he is entitled. It is unacceptable that a politician, who is fulfilling his duty to serve our democracy, must constantly live in fear and uncertainty. In this, our rule of law is failing incredibly.

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It is important to emphasize that freedom of expression and open debate are essential pillars of a democratic society. Expressing concerns, criticism and different points of view should always be possible without fear of violence and threats. It is disturbing to see these principles undermined by the continued intimidation of Wilders and other politicians.

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