Derk Boswijk (CDA) calls for boycott of products from illegal West Bank settlements

Derk Boswijk (CDA) calls for boycott of products from illegal West Bank settlements

CDA MP Derk Boswijk is calling for a boycott of products from illegal settlements in the West Bank. He visited Israel and thePalestinian territories and is shocked by the situation, with manyPalestinians feeling unsafe. Boswijk calls for an immediate end to Israeli settlement policy and stresses the need for structural information provision to the House of Representatives.

Boswijk argues that Israeli settlement policy, alongside Hamas, hinders a two-state solution. He calls for a firm stance against both Hamas and the settlement policy in order to reach a lasting solution. Boswijk considers a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas currently undesirable, given the undiscovered tunnels that Hamas could quickly recover.

WhileBoswijk does not draw premature conclusions about the interim ruling of theInternational Court of Justice, he emphasizes that the Netherlands must respect the ruling. However, he expresses concerns about compliance with a cease-fire and points to Hamas' intention to exploit opportunities for repeat actions.

Boswijk's statements can count on considerable criticism. On Twitter, users are making it clear that Boswijk will marginalize the CDA even further this way. PVV leader Geert Wilders has also reacted to Boswijk's statements: "Bah Bah Bah. The CDA anno 2024." Wilders, who earlier this week reiterated his support for Israel with a tweet, "Isupport Israel 100%," does not hide the fact that he is pro-Israel.

Already many are wondering to what extent all this is relevant to the Netherlands and improving purchasing power, reducing migration, and so on.Thierry Baudet, in turn, responded with the real message we want to hear in the Netherlands right now, namely:"I support the #Netherlands100%!!!"

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