Post-Corona Netherlands: A generation that no longer believes the government

Post-Corona Netherlands: A generation that no longer believes the government

The relationship between youth and government seems like a bad marriage doomed to fail. For years, the government seems to have had a blind spot for the needs and requirements of youth, and the corona pandemic has only shown how deep this distrust runs.

Recent research by the Netherlands Youth Institute exposes the painful truth: young people have lost confidence in the government. And prove them wrong. The so-called "horizontal" polarization, where groups within society viewed each other with suspicion, has given way to a "vertical" polarization. That means young people now look mostly upward, with an accusing gaze toward the government message

It is easy to see why. While our youth felt curtailed by pandemic measures, the government did little to address their concerns. Questions about their future? Ignored. Concerns about the housing market? Downplayed. And while they are bombarded with doomsday scenarios about climate change, they also get an overdose of "Woke agenda2030" poured over them.

Not to mention the curfew riots. Some in the media dismissed this as senseless violence, but let's face it: it was an eruption of pent-up frustration. Young people from different backgrounds came together, united in their dislike of a government that abandons them.

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The message is clear. The government needs to wake up and take the concerns of young people seriously. Because if they don't, they will lose an entire generation. And that is a price that politicians simply cannot afford.

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