Oh no! Climate hysterics off the hook: 'Taste of champagne changes because of climate!'

Oh no! Climate hysterics off the hook: 'Taste of champagne changes because of climate!'

It's that time again, ladies and gentlemen. The climate hysterics at BNR have again found something new to bombard us with: the taste of champagne is changing due to climate change. Yes, you read it correctly. While the world worries about things like economic crises, pandemics and political instability, there are those who worry about ... the taste of champagne.

It seems that it is so dry and hot in France that champagne production is "hampered" being. And as if that's not bad enough, the taste is also affected.

But wait, there is more! This terrible fate is not only affecting the Champagne region. No, all of Europe is suffering from this champagne crisis. In the cava region in Spain, the grapes were apparently so dried out that they were hanging from the vines like raisins. Says Edger Groeneveld, maître sommelier and board member of the Dutch Guild of Sommeliers.

Now we can all imagine the reaction of the elite globalists to this. While the common man worries about his job, his health and his family, they sit in their penthouses and mansions moaning about the taste of their champagne. "Oh neuuuuu, our champagne is going to taste different!" Can you imagine? While the world is on fire, they worry about their bubbly.

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It is really too sad for words. Instead of focusing on real problems, we are distracted by nonsensical news like this. Anyway, let's hope the climate hysterics find a new hobby soon. Until then, we raise our glasses (with or without bubbles) and toast to the absurdity of life. Cheers!

Oh, and that new flavor? I love it!

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