JFVD'er publishes photos of treatment eye infection after attack ANTIFA: 'This should never be normalized'

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

JFVD'er publishes photos of treatment eye infection after attack ANTIFA: 'This should never be normalized'

Two days ago, a JFVD boat trip was brutally ended by ANTIFA activists. They threw buckets full of blood ánd excrement on the youngsters. These then had blood and poop - literally - all over them. Disgusting. But what is even more disgusting is that some JFVD'ers really got something on them.

Rhodé is one of the JFVDers who were at the boat ride. She was, of course, horrified. But that's not the only thing she got out of this - a bad memory. No, she also had to actually see the doctor yesterday. After all, she has a double eye infection. So some blood and poop got into her eyes.

Rhodé decided to go public because a) a few "critical thinkers" think it may have been premeditated and b) the media is not paying any attention to it at all. What her tweet proves is a) that it really was an ANTIFA attack and that the attack caused health damage to young people and b) that it is journalistically downright criminal for the cartel media to pay no attention to it at all.

FVD MP Pepijn van Houwelingen is therefore furious. He finds it incomprehensible that the media are silent on this.

"This is a violent biological attack (!) on a political party's youth movement, nothing more and nothing less, and the media and party cartel are silent on this in all languages," writes Van Houwelingen on Twitter.

Not only the media remain silent, so do other politicians. If the victims were D66 youths and the perpetrators neo-Nazis one after another D66 and Green Leftist would have shouted outrage. But now they say nothing.

Help DDS through these difficult times. Help us make a fist against the mainstream media as well as the party cartel. Fight side-by-side with us. Donate on BackMe and fight side-by-side with DDS against the globalist elites.

The reason is obvious. They condone violence against JFVD'ers. They do not condemn these kinds of rancid attacks because they think it is fine for JFVD'ers to be pelted with blood, with pee, with shit. If that were not the case they would have made themselves heard publicly a long time ago.

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