Jan Dijkgraaf laughs at 'threats' Hugo de Jonge and co: 'Fake News'

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Jan Dijkgraaf laughs at 'threats' Hugo de Jonge and co: 'Fake News'

It is claimed that Sigrid Kaag is leaving politics because she is very seriously threatened. No details are given with that. And she is not the only one. No, Minister (CDA) Hugo de Jonge is also in deep trouble. Jan Dijkgraaf doesn't believe any of that. Because, he says, if that were the case, these kinds of people would anxiously keep their activities secret. They do the opposite.

Hugo de Jonge enjoys endurance sports - walking and/or running. In doing so, he uses an app called Strava. With it, you can always see for yourself how much you've cycled/run. If you like to compare, you can also set your profile to public. Others can then see what you did that day - and even where you are currently walking/cycling yourself.

And that's what Dijkgraaf finds so peculiar. Because if ministers like Kaag and De Jonge are so incredibly threatened, why does De Jonge share that information daily live -at the very moment it happens:

Zwagerman and Den Aantrekker

And Dijkgraaf is not alone in questioning these stories. Guido den Aantrekker tackles Kaag and her tales of numerous serious threats.

"Usually media headlines with the additional trigger: What do we know about [this issue]?" poses the man from Privé on Twitter. "I don't see that anywhere in terms of Sigrid Kaag and the threats. But what do we actually know about that? How bad was it? Was it only on socials? A torchbearer at the door every day? Was she officially secured?"

Marianne Zwagerman is at least as critical. For, she adds to Den Aantrekkers tweet, "And why fan your hitherto unknown children on TV if you're worried about their safety?"

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Perhaps the government could take a moment to explain the nature of the threats, how serious they are, and whether Kaag and De Jonge will be given extra security, is the tenor. Commentators have questions. Will they also get answers?

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