Dutch Schools: Ideological battlefields where teachers become targets

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

Dutch Schools: Ideological battlefields where teachers become targets

Education in the Netherlands, once the bastion of open debate and free speech, is slowly but surely transforming into a minefield in which teachers are being used as targets. The sad reality of this decline is painfully illustrated by a recent event, which unfolded after the pogrom in Israel on Oct. 7 and after Israeli military intervention in the Gaza Strip.

In a heartbreaking confession, a social studies teacher (Name known to the editor ed.), who until recently was praised for her innovative and stimulating classes, revealed how she became the latest victim of the culture of canceling and censorship that plagues our educational institutions. A harmless discussion of the Israel issue degenerated into a verbal witch hunt, leaving this teacher now in the impossible position of pariah, condemned by her own students.

"Who is this target in front of the class anyway?" she asks rhetorically. The answer: herself. This is the painful irony that underscores the excruciating levity of the cancel culture. At a time when students measure their teachers not by the content of their lessons but by their willingness to bend with ideological winds, education has degenerated into a chimera of political correctness.

This teacher, once a lighthouse of critical thinking and intellectual challenge, has now been reduced to a puppet, forced to deal only with "pre-chewed cases on non-sensitive social issues. The future citizens of our country are thus robbed of the ability to approach complex ideas critically and see the value of informed discussion.

The real victim in this sad drama? Democracy itself. Because if our youth are not taught to debate, to think critically, to stand for their beliefs in the face of opposition, then we lose more than just good teachers. We lose the essence of what it means to be a free and open society.

This courageous teacher, to her own chagrin, has decided to throw in the towel. Defeated by the school system's inability to support her in the pursuit of a truly educational mission, she chooses self-preservation. But her story should not go unnoticed. It should be a wake-up call for all of us to stand up against the suffocating grip of ideological intolerance that is slowly strangling our schools - and our society.

Help DDS get through these difficult times. Help us make a fist against the mainstream media as well as the party cartel. Fight side-by-side with us. Donate on BackMe and fight side-by-side with DDS against the globalist elites.

Because, as the teacher himself says, "We have a bright future behind us..." Let us ensure that this is not the end, but a new beginning. For her, for our students, and for the democratic values we should all cherish so dearly.

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