Dijkgraaf writes new Letter from Jan to Frans Timmermans and says: sorry!

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Dijkgraaf writes new Letter from Jan to Frans Timmermans and says: sorry!

In a new Letter from Jan, Jan Dijkgraaf has apologized sincerely to Frans Timmermans. On several occasions in the recent past, Dijkgraaf has been harsh on Timmermans. But now he finally sees that he should not have done so. Because, Jan realizes, Timmermans is the savior of the Netherlands. Only he can undo the Ruttis damage.

"Frans Timmermans is not the megalomaniacal, narcissistic, lying, licking up and kicking down power-hungry man who is the incarnate proof that things can always be even worse than Sigrid Kaag," writes Dijkgraaf in his new Letter from Jan. "I have already read your interminable enumerations of Timmermans' good deeds for humanity and you have completely convinced me that Frans Timmermans and Frans Timmermans alone is capable of cleaning up the ruins of thirteen years of Rutte."

Hilariously, Jan has therefore written a text, a kind of prayer and inspired "by our Jewish friends," to and for Timmermans. The fake prayer is ellen-long - really terribly long, it must have been a hell of a job to write it down - but is also precisely what the media would have us believe about Timmermans. The national savior! The man who is going to straighten things out! The savior!

(Article continues below this call) This will be the most important election of our lives! Frans Timmermans may not become prime minister of the Netherlands. If he does, our country and culture will be finished for good. DDS will fight him with everything we have. But for that we need your help. Donate now to DDS, via BackMe, and help us take on Timmermans and the rest of the cartel!

The sad thing about that fake prayer is that it is very clear for anyone with eyes to see that this is exactly the message the cartel is now preaching about Timmermans. This while the man is a professional opportunist and liar who would still sell his mother if it gets him a top job.

Dirtier than Timmermans they don't get made. Yet we are to believe from the media cartel that he is going to save our country. You would laugh if it were not so extremely dangerous.

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