Betrayed farmer's wife posts heartbreaking appeal on social media

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Betrayed farmer's wife posts heartbreaking appeal on social media

It's time to tell the truth about the Dutch government's unjust treatment of our hard-working farmers. A recent LinkedIn post by Sonja van Rijn, a speech therapist and farmer's wife from Drenthe, exposes the shocking reality of how The Hague's nitrogen policy is letting our farmers down.

Sonja and her husband run a farm where they keep 200 cows. Their daughter works hard on the farm and dreams of taking over the business from her father. But their dream is threatened by the nonsensical classification of their farm as a "peak-return" farm. This unjust classification means they could be pressured to give up their farm.

Sonja's post is a heartbreaking call to the VVD and CDA to take action for her and her family. She rightly points out the absurdity of The Hague's nitrogen policy. She points out the irony that their farm is under attack for environmental damage, while the busy A28 and the road to the Attero waste incinerator, with CO2 emissions of 1.5 million tons per year, are left untouched.

"Hundreds of trucks full of garbage from all over Europe tear past our farm every day. But apparently these two busy roads, the large waste incineration èn the sheep and cows on the Dwingelerveld are less harmful to nature than our 100 cows on our farm," she writes.

It is a disgrace that nitrogen measurements, which have been scientifically disproven several times, are being used to force farm families like Sonja's to give up their land. Sonja's husband takes care of the meadow birds and the young deer. They leave a strip of corn for the animals during cold days. Their front yard is a haven for butterflies, bees, titmice, sparrows and starlings. And yet they are treated as if they are a threat to nature.

(Article continues below this call) Dutch farmers have been betrayed! The globalist class has declared war on them. The Daily Standard, however, stands right behind our farmers and stands up for them. We are fighting for our farmers. But to do so, we need your help! Support DDS, donate via BackMe, and fight side by side with us against the peasant-haters in The Hague!

What is being done to these people is criminal. It is a disgrace that the VVD and the CDA, who should stand up for the farmers' interests, are abandoning them. These parties have long betrayed the farmers. It is now up to us, ordinary people, and parties like FVD to stand up for our farmers and fight for them. Farmers are the heart and soul of our countryside. No government has the right to chase them away - certainly not based on lies;

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