Actor and professional pervert Thijs Römer hears only 89 days CONDITIONAL against him and 240 hours of community service

Benjamin Huizen

Benjamin Huizen

Actor and professional pervert Thijs Römer hears only 89 days CONDITIONAL against him and 240 hours of community service

What was heard today about the comings and goings of actor Thijs Römer is truly disgusting. Everyone who followed the case had to puke, that's how disgusting it was. But to the great shock of all Dutch people, the public prosecutor is demanding only 240 hours of community service and a prison sentence of 90 days.... of which 89 days conditional.

Journalist Saskia Belleman was present in court today and lets us know exactly what the prosecution wants as punishment for Thijs Römer, a pervert who encouraged young girls - who were more than 20 years and even nearly 30 years younger than him - to masturbate, told them how to make themselves cum, and who, according to the girls, wanted to see photos and video footage of it.

The stories that passed were truly disgusting. The three girls involved in the report obviously felt very badly treated by Römer, the Woke Deuger who always rails against everything on the right, but who now turns out to be the biggest creep and pervert in the Netherlands himself.

But the most curious part of this story is not the bawdiness of this Deuger. No. Because what strikes me most is the demand of the prosecutor. For today he announced that he would like Römer to receive 90 days in jail of which 89 are suspended... as well as 240 hours of community service.

Mind you, he has already served that one day, of course. So if he doesn't do anything wrong in the next year, he doesn't have to be in jail. And that "community service" in the Netherlands actually amounts to doing voluntary work. At the thrift store, for example.

(Article continues below this call) At The Daily Standard, we are hell-bent on this kind of low punishment for fornicators. We want to change this once and for all in our country. But we need your help to do so. Support us! Donate to DDS via BackMe and help us fight against this sick culture!

You have to wonder by now why it is that in the Netherlands these kinds of insanely low demands are asked when the "suspect" has abused children (or something along those lines). And not only the demands are low, but also the final sentences. It is very rare for a judge to impose a harsher sentence.

How is it that prosecutors as well as judges give these types such low sentences?

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