Stand SIDE TO SIDE with freedom of speech: support DDS!

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Stand SIDE TO SIDE with freedom of speech: support DDS!

At DDS, we stand firmly for freedom of speech. Of course, people must always obey the law. But as long as that is the case, we stand for our people, for their opinions, for their thinking, for their views.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when freedom of speech is coming under increasing pressure. This is the case everywhere, in print media, on the Internet, and on TV. At DDS, we oppose this. Hard. But we can only do this with Your support.

You see, if you love and defend freedom of opinion as a website these days, you will be brutally GESTRAFT by the cartel. Big Tech does its best to get you fewer readers and advertisers pull their hands off you. All in a coordinated effort to damage - and destroy - your website.

At DDS, however, we don't let ourselves get small. We always continue to tell the truth. Now. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month and next year. We never take a step back. The law must be respected, of course. But beyond that, people should be able to express their opinions freely. Yes, even if their opinion is controversial.

Indeed, right if their opinion is controversial - or, rather, if the globalist cartelians víndeed that opinion is controversial.

But this means we need YOUR SUPPORT . Only withyour support can DDS survive and defend free speech - every day. In this new year, we want to do more than ever before. But we need money to do that, too. Money that must come from our readers - because the cartel is not going to help us in any way whatsoever.

So donate to DDS today. Do so via BackMe. If all people who read DDS donate 10 euros today we will get through the next six months already without any problem. Until July 1, we will then be totally provided with everything we need - and we can also launch new projects.

10 euros. Per person. With that you defend free speech and the free press... and make sure that we of DDS never have to hold back just because the cartel doesn't like us.

So donate. Today. And fight with us for a free Netherlands.

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