Ongehoord Nederland hits back after false accusations KRO-NCRV program "Pointer"

Ongehoord Nederland hits back after false accusations KRO-NCRV program "Pointer"

The platformPointer, part of KRO-NCRV, has recently focused its attention on theON!network and specifically the program "Ongehoord Nieuws". This hasresulted in an extensive webpage on which the modus operandi of ON!is largely negatively highlighted. The accusation of spreading fake news is a serious allegation that requires careful investigation. ON! has shown commitment to carefully verified sources and factual information.

Furthermore, ON! is accused of violations of the NPO Journalistic Code. However, it is important to realize that different news platforms have differentjournalistic standards. ON! has its own approach to news and has always strived for transparency and honesty in reporting.

ON! has shown that Pointer's investigation is flawed and does not meet the standards of critical journalism. Allegations of this nature must be approached with care and integrity, both by critics and concerned parties. ON! remains committed to objective, responsible and thorough news reporting, and will continue to stand up to unsubstantiated allegations.

It seems to be another attempt to undermine the successful balance that ON! offers. While another broadcaster that entered at the same time as ON! is now in dire straits and most likely does not have a long life, ON! proves time and again that they can create solid and high-quality programs. These programs bring a perspective that many Dutch people experience as a valuable addition to the television landscape.

The resoluteness of Karskens and his team deserves praise, and it is inspiring to see that there is still a broadcaster that stands firm against the influence ofWOKE ideology and continues to look critically at migration and other important issues.

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