Ukrainian general confirms stalemate: Prolonged trench warfare inevitable as support for Zelensky continues to wane

Ukrainian general confirms stalemate: Prolonged trench warfare inevitable as support for Zelensky continues to wane

With winter approaching, a protracted trench warfare in Ukraine seems inevitable as international support for Zelensky dwindles. GeneralValery Zaluzhnyi, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, has admitted in a remarkable interview that the offensive is deadlocked. He even compared the situation to the stalemate that occurred during World War I, stressing that the current level of technology encourages stalemate. "The fact is that we see everything the enemy does, and they see everything we do, "he clarified, expressing doubt about the possibility of a quick breakthrough.

A recent analysis by Center for Strategic and International Studies confirms the unimpressive progress of the Ukrainian offensive.Even at the height of their summer offensive, Ukrainian troops made only a modest average daily gain of 90 meters on the southern front.

This ongoing war in Ukraine has far-reaching implications, as the West's attention seems to be shifting to other conflicts such as those in the Middle East. This is leading to growing concerns among Ukrainian PresidentZelensky, who relies heavily on the support of European and American partners. With winter approaching, a bleak scenario is emerging forUkraine, where once again many soldiers are being deployed in a battle that is impossible to win.

The current balance of power suggests a protracted trench warfare, which puts Ukraine in a predicament. Russia has a population three times larger and boasts an economy ten times larger than Ukraine's. Despite heavy international sanctions, Russia has managed to increase its arms production. In addition, Moscow seems to show little restraint in deploying large numbers of soldiers, whileKyiv is more cautious about the lives of its military.

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