Mona Lisa again targeted by crackpot climate activists: Soup on Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece!

Carlo van Remortel

Carlo van Remortel

Mona Lisa again targeted by crackpot climate activists: Soup on Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece!

Since we are in the middle of the winter period, the climate crazies are again looking for alternatives to spoil things. Of course, it's now a bit fresh on the bum to start blocking highways again, especially when your uncle is waiting for you with a water cannon. They are now reverting back to their old, hopeless way of getting their message across, trying to destroy historic works of art.

Today it's the turn of the Mona Lisa, Leonardoda Vinci's famous painting, again. Indeed, a video circulating on social media shows two climate terrorists throwing soup from the balustrade and then climbing under it to shout protest slogans next to the Mona Lisa. A one-way ticket to the Pieter Baan Center for these lunatics is the best solution.

The painting has repeatedly been the target of vandalism. In May 2022, a cream cake was thrown at the Mona Lisa.An August 2009 incident involved a tourist hurling a cup of tea at the canvas, resulting in the shattering of the glass display case. Since a man threw a stone at the portrait in 1956 and damaged it, it is now protected behind glass.

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The fact that these paintings are protected and behind glass does not justify an attempt to destroy them. After all, one would not fill the car of Mark Rutte - or anyone else - with soup or the like under the idea: "it's not broken, is it?" That this kind of action is also justified in various media, where the activists in question also get a stage to tell their story, is the world upside down. It is high time that tougher action is taken against these society-destroying idiots.

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