-Mark Jongeneel- South Africa's hypocritical indictment of Israel: A mirror for its own flaws

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

-Mark Jongeneel- South Africa's hypocritical indictment of Israel: A mirror for its own flaws

While South Africa is today bravely suing Israel for genocide at the International Criminal Court, it is distressing how this country has a blind spot for its own domestic chaos and disorder. Yes, you read correctly. While South African representatives accuse Israel of the most heinous crimes, their own country is plagued by murder, corruption, and racial laws.

As this indictment is presented, let's look at what is happening in South Africa today. As many as 80 murders are being committed on average every day, untold cases of abuse and rape, and millions disappearing into the bottomless pit of corruption. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Chanting about the killing of white people, the constant application of racial laws and the lack of basic services such as electricity and decent sanitation, it is all the order of the day in South Africa.

The irony could hardly be greater. South Africa, a country where apartheid has turned to discrimination and marginalization of the white minority, accuses Israel of genocide. This while Israel is a democracy where all citizens, regardless of religion or ethnicity, have equal rights and opportunities.

South Africa's denunciation of Israel is not only hypocritical, it is downright laughable and shows a total lack of self-reflection. The ANC-ruled South Africa would do well to reach out first. After all, the real genocide (Plaas murder), the real apartheid, and the real human rights violations are taking place in their own backyard.

It is time for the international community to see through this sham and hold South Africa accountable for its own failures. The focus should be on addressing South Africa's real problems, rather than a baseless and hypocritical attack on Israel. It is high time South Africa stopped diverting attention from its own failures by falsely accusing other countries.

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