Donald Trump fights idiotic decision to remove him from ballots in the US state of Maine:

Donald Trump fights idiotic decision to remove him from ballots in the US state of Maine:

As expected, Donald Trump is appealing the idiotic decision to remove him from the ballots in the primaries in the US state of Maine. The supervisor of elections in Maine indicated that he can never be president again, given his alleged role in the storming of the Capitol.

Anyway, the supervisor, namely official Shenna Bellows, is not entirely objective since this lady is a Democrat. This conclusion is also drawn by Trump's lawyers, who believe she should have recused herself because of her bias against the former president. This is evidenced by "statements she made before this case," Trump's lawyers said.

Those same lawyers believe Bellows is not in a position to make such a drastic decision based on unsubstantiated allegations. For her part, Bellows says she assumed Trump would challenge the decision. <

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Earlier, the state of Colorado pulled a similar prank involving Trump being removed from the ballot, again a case for Trump's lawyers as this will also be challenged, after which the case will come before the federal Supreme Court.

Trump supporters think it is far too early to take such drastic measures now. As a result, confidence in politics among Americans has taken another huge hit, which may indirectly benefit Trump. It is clear that every effort is being made to keep Trump out of the White House. The direct confrontation between Trump and Biden will ultimately ensure that the ancient - albeit slightly demented - Biden loses out.

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