Disconcerting corruption within Ukrainian army: 37 million euros embezzled!

Disconcerting corruption within Ukrainian army: 37 million euros embezzled!

Intruding news comes to light about the integrity of Ukraine's military. A shocking revelation points to corruption within the highest echelons of the country's military leadership. The SBOe, Ukraine's secret service,reports that Defense Ministry officials were allegedly involved in a shady collaboration with a relatively unknown arms supplier, LvivArsenal, in which an estimated 37 million euros was embezzled.

In August 2022, six months after the outbreak of war, officials allegedly signed an agreement with Lviv Arsenal for the delivery of 100,000 mortar shells to the army, according to the secret service. Curiously, the Defense Department did not receive a single shell from this order, while the money was funneled to foreign accounts, according to the SBOe.Presumably, high-ranking officials from the ministry and management of Lviv Arsenal enriched themselves scandalously.

Five individuals are currently suspected of fraud, one of whom was arrested while attempting to flee Ukraine. The remaining suspects are still fugitives and risk up to 12 years in prison. The revelation of corruption within the military not only casts a shadow over wartime morale, but will also be far from welcome bythe European Union, which is conducting accession talks with Ukraine.

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In September, President Zelensky replaced Defense Minister Reznikov, reportedly because Reznikov allegedly did not do enough to address widespread corruption within the ministry and the armed forces.In light of these alarming developments, it seems justified to immediately stop supplying arms and other goods toUkraine as long as corruption continues to fester in the highest ranks of the military.

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