What democracy? Germany wants to ban AfD - party is at 21% in polls

What democracy? Germany wants to ban AfD - party is at 21% in polls

Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is doing extremely well in the polls. If there were elections now, the party would come out with 21% of the vote. This means that AfD is the second largest party in the country and could possibly even attack the largest party, that of the Social Democrats.

Yes, you read that right. AfD could possibly arrange for the new Chancellor in new elections.

But suddenly something curious is happening in Germany. For where AfD was allowed to play nice for a few years have they are now suddenly talking about a party ban for AfD there. As President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a speech to German intelligence recently, "We have it in our hands to put those who despise our democracy in their place."

What he means by that: that it is possible for the party cartel and the intelligence services to ban AfD. Because that party is too anti-cartel, too critical, and thus too dangerous for the incumbent.

Thomas Haldendwang, the domestic spy chief, agrees. "We see more and more protagonists in that party spreading hatred against minorities in this country," he said. According to him, supporters of AfD are becoming increasingly "radical," which is, of course, utterly preposterous. The party is not becoming more radical, but more dangerous -for the elites. Because the party can count on more and more support.

Incredibly, even the media are joining in. Der Spiegel recently came out with an article titled, "Ban the enemies of the Constitution!"

The leader of the CDU, the German Christian Democrats, is the only one opposed. Friedrich Merz says that "banning parties has never solved political problems." Of course, that is far too soft. He should say, "Banning parties is the behavior of dictators."

Anyway, he at least resists it a little. Why? Oh, that too is simple. He thinks that if the elites do ban AfD, his party will benefit. After all, all those angry AfDers will then only - possibly - vote for his party. The CDU can then become the biggest and claim power for itself - without ever having to worry about AfD again.

(Article continues below this call) At DDS we understand better than anyone that the elites in Germany as well as in the Netherlands have launched the attack on democracy and freedom. We oppose this tooth and nail. But this means we need your help, because the cartel is doing everything it can to demolish us. Support us! Donate via BackMe and help DDS take down the dictatorial cartel!

Of course, the scariest part of all this is that they want to "save democracy" by abolishing it. That is literally what the Germans want to tell their people now. That you can only preserve democracy and freedom by behaving like a dictator.

Do Germans fall for that? Surely they can't be that stupid - especially given their history?

By the way, you have to wonder who is actually radicalized in Germany. See what happened to an AfD member recently. Who was just literally beaten up by "immigrants." Because AfD and he are against mass immigration. Apparently, these odds and ends then find it quite normal to use brute force - as if they were still in Syria.

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