Totalitarian shadow casts over the Netherlands: Nature Restoration Act passed in European Parliament

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

Totalitarian shadow casts over the Netherlands: Nature Restoration Act passed in European Parliament

The news that the Nature Restoration Act, better known as the "Netherlands-on-Lock Act," has passed the European Parliament is causing deep concern in the business community and among farmers. This law, proposed by what many call the "climate pope" Frans Timmermans, threatens to cripple the Netherlands at a level even worse than the nitrogen crisis. MEPs Rob Roos of JA21 and Gerolf Annemans of Vlaams Belang share these concerns and express their displeasure.

MEP Rob Roos expressed his disappointment via Twitter about the passing of this law. He stressed that it is bad for the Netherlands, but refused to consider it a victory for Timmermans. Roos and his colleagues jointly submitted proposals to mitigate the harmful aspects of the law. Although they succeeded in weakening certain demands, Roos continues to vote against the Nature Restoration Act, which he believes could still cause significant damage.

Gerolf Annemans of Vlaams Belang views the passed Nature Restoration Act with even more skepticism. He stressed via Twitter that the name of the law was cleverly chosen to mislead people. While many think it is about restoring nature, Annemans sees it as a "sarcophagus law," a victory for the "de-growth" movement and disruption. He warns of the dangerous evolution this law brings and urges people not to be naive.

The passing of the Nature Restoration Act in the European Parliament casts a dark shadow over the Netherlands. Industry and farmers fear the total crippling of their operations, which could have disastrous consequences for the economy and the survival of many businesses. The name of the law, meant to create a positive connotation, seems to be just a smokescreen for a much more far-reaching and potentially damaging agenda.

The road to the final version of the law is not yet complete. The European Parliament and the European Council will engage in further discussions and ultimately the proposal will have to be approved once again by the Parliament. It is crucial that voices of concern and objection continue to be heard in this process in order to minimize the damage to the Netherlands.

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The adopted Nature Restoration Act is a worrying development that should not be taken lightly. It is an important time to remain vigilant and strive for a balanced approach that does justice to both the environment and the economic interests of the Netherlands.

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