-Frits Bosch- European Parliament is a bummer's club. Storm the Capitol!

Frits Bosch

Frits Bosch

-Frits Bosch- European Parliament is a bummer's club. Storm the Capitol!

Philosopher Sebastien Valkenberg, in his column "The Sun Wonks of Brussels" (HFD 11/1/24), aims the arrows at the European Union and the European Parliament and the sun wonks present there, I call them the freeloaders. Whoever joins the European civil service after a rigorous selection procedure has a job for life at a very attractive salary and pays no income tax on it. Sabaticals can last 12 (twelve!!!) years. This caste is disconnected from society, Valkenberg said. Quite right. We know they often make an attendance check, only to leave for something more fun.

Recently, the European Parliament proudly reported moving into a new building in Strasbourg. Box office, bill citizens!!! For so long we have been wondering why people don't all meet in Brussels. Constantly moving to Strasbourg is expensive, inefficient and bad for the climate. That reminds me of Sophie in 't Veld, 60. His remains in the European field, with no sticks to beat away. Of course not, she is now a multimillionaire,do the math. This misfit defended D66's faint colors for a long time, but after a heated argument she left Volt. At Buitenhof she is a welcome guest, which is an indication of the quality of this program.

Valkenberg says Europe is the cradle of civilization. That may be a slight exaggeration, but ahead. The EU and the EP are leading it to hell. We've known it for so long, this other-worldly community and wasters there. I do not see it changing. Soon we will be able to choose.It will not help anything. That's why I say: storm the Capitol! Give those sunnies a kick. Take back control! Nexit!!!

Frits Bosch is an economist and sociologist. He is also the author of "Risk as Obsession," "That's the Risk," "World at a Turning Point," "Discontent among the Elite," "Does the Netherlands Also Abolish Itself?" and "Feminism in the Workplace." His most recent book is Kafkaistan.

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