EU's scandalous blackmail of Hungary: Dictatorship EUSSR in the making

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

EU's scandalous blackmail of Hungary: Dictatorship EUSSR in the making

It is now abundantly clear that the European Union is no longer an alliance of independent states, but a dictatorial entity bent on imposing its will on any country that dares to deviate from its orders. Brussels' recent threats against Hungary are nothing less than economic blackmail of the worst kind. The EU is slowly beginning to turn into the EUSSR.

Hungary, which rightly refuses to blindly support Ukraine in the current conflict, is now under unprecedented pressure from the EU. Brussels is explicitly threatening to sabotage Hungary's economy by undermining its currency and collapsing investor confidence. All this, they claim to the Financial Times, to hurt "jobs and growth" in Hungary. What an absurdity! Since when is destroying an economy a legitimate tactic in political disputes?

Marcel de Graaff, FVD MEP, hits the nail on the head: "The unelected EU (European Commission ed.) is waging war against Hungary." This is a declaration of war, not only against Hungary, but against the principle of national sovereignty and democratic decision-making. Hungary is being punished for not going along with the "idiotic policies of Brussels. Is this the "democratic" European Union we so often hear about?

These tactics of the EU show that we are dealing with an institution willing to do anything to push its political agenda, even if it means destroying economies and plunging the lives of millions of Europeans into chaos. This is not an alliance; this is a dictatorship in the making.

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It is time to realize that the EU does not have the best interests of its member states at heart. It is an organization that wants to consolidate its power at the expense of national interests. For the Netherlands, now more than ever, it is clear: Nexit. We must regain our sovereignty and free ourselves from the tyranny of Brussels before it is too late. Hungary is now in the front line, but who will be next if we tolerate this state of affairs?

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