European Parliament approves bill: Stricter rules for high-risk AI systems

European Parliament approves bill: Stricter rules for high-risk AI systems

The European Parliament has officially approved the legislative proposal from the European Commission officially and also made some tightening made. The bill relates to artificial intelligence (AI) and establishes strict rules for systems with a high risk to health, safety or human rights. The goal is to take back control of AI and ensure ensure that new technologies are reliable, ethical, safe and environmentally friendly.

The bill divides AI systems into several categories into. Systems with unacceptable risk, similar to social behavior tracking by the government as in China, are banned. Systems with high risk, such as job application robots that unintentionally discriminate against women, will be subject to strict regulations23:00

The European Parliament has made some adjustments to the European Commission bill. For example, biometric categorization systems that use sensitive characteristics are banned, as are predictive policing systems based on profiling, location or criminal past behavior. Furthermore, the use of real-time facial recognition in public spaces is restricted. A proposal to still be allowed was rejected.

In addition to these measures, the parliament calls for a mandatory human rights test before AI is deployed, as well as the right to information and explanation for persons aggrieved by AI. New binding rules for large systems such as ChatGPT, as well as environmental standards and reporting of the climate impact of AI. After the summer, negotiations will take place will take place between the parliament and EU countries. If all goes according to plan goes, the law will take effect early next year. With this law, Europe hopes to control over AI and ensure that the technologies that are are developed meet high standards of reliability, ethics, safety and the environment.

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