Bizarre! Sweden is dominated by gang violence, but who does the Volkskrant blame? Sweden's center-right society

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

Bizarre! Sweden is dominated by gang violence, but who does the Volkskrant blame? Sweden's center-right society

Gang violence in Sweden has reached frightening proportions, with as many as 350 shootings and 53 deaths last year. But according to the Volkskrant, in their typical left-wing bias, we should point the finger at "hating" Swedish society. What an absurdity! The Volkskrant shifts the blame for the gang violence onto the 'white' Swedish population, a bizarre and evil inversion of reality.

Youth worker Nicholas Lunabba and his former pupil Elijah Clarance claim that the social marginalization of these youths in "bad neighborhoods" is the root cause of their downward spiral. But this simplistic reasoning ignores the complexity of the problem and the personal responsibility of those involved. It is easy to point an accusing finger at society, but this offers no solution.

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, whom the Volkskrant portrays as the bogeyman, talks about the consequences of immigration and failing integration. But no, according to the leftist logic of the Volkskrant, of course it is again the fault of Swedish society, which supposedly hates these young people. What insane logic! As if the Swedish people have collectively decided to marginalize and hate certain young people. This simplistic and one-sided approach to a complicated problem is not only unproductive, but even dangerous.

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It is time to address the real problems, such as the failing integration, the culture of violence and the poor enforcement of the law. But these kinds of rational discussions and solutions apparently do not fit the bill of the Volkskrant, which prefers to take a polarizing and simplistic approach to serious social problems. If we really want to address the problems, we need to stop this kind of absurd finger-pointing and look at the real causes and solutions.

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