Shame! Shell sees profits totally INSTANT to a meager 3.1 billion euros

Benjamin Huizen

Benjamin Huizen

Shame! Shell sees profits totally INSTANT to a meager 3.1 billion euros

It's a dark day, ladies and gentlemen. Grab your tissues, because the news we bring you today is downright shocking. Our beloved oil giant Shell, the undisputed king of fossil fuels, is having a tough time. And we mean really, really bad.

Just last year, in the glorious year of oil, Shell boasted a profit of a whopping 18 billion euros. Yes, you read it correctly, 18 billion! An amount you could not even pronounce without tripping over the zeros. But alas, times have changed.

This year, in the current climate of economic uncertainty, Shell's profits have fallen to a paltry 3.1 billion euros. A drop of almost 83%! It is a tragedy of epic proportions. Shell's top executives will surely have to trade in their golden parachutes for unemployment benefits.

And what is the culprit of this catastrophe? The drop in oil and gas prices. Last year, the purchase price on the Amsterdam TTF market was still 150 euros per megawatt hour. But now? Now it is only 30 euros. A drop of 80%! It is a shame, an outright disgrace.

It is almost unbelievable that Shell, the company known for its ability to squeeze ordinary consumers to the last penny, is now struggling to maintain its profits. It is almost as if the world no longer revolves around the profits of big oil companies.

But let's not judge too quickly. Let's hope something happens this year that causes prices to skyrocket again. Perhaps a new oil crisis? Or a sudden surge in demand for fossil fuels? Who knows. All we know for sure is that we hope Shell can get super-rich again soon - at the expense of the ordinary Dutchman, of course.

(Article continues below this call) Companies like Shell have systematically exploited the Dutchman in recent years. The numbers speak for themselves. So do supermarkets. Graaiflation is real. The Daily Standard is firmly opposed to this and fights for a free and prosperous Netherlands. But we need your help. Support us! Donate via BackMe and help us stand up for the ordinary Dutchman.

So let's have a moment of silence for Shell, the struggling company that once ruled the world with its oil and gas profits. It's a tough time, but we're sure Shell will recover. After all, what is a world without a super-rich oil company squeezing ordinary consumers for every penny they have? Exactly, a world we can hardly imagine.

Or rather, a world we don't want to imagine. Right?

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