Wokers react furiously to statement "Woke is deadly": "Take care then, jerk!"

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Wokers react furiously to statement "Woke is deadly": "Take care then, jerk!"

Wokers consider themselves very inclusive, tolerant and friendly. The people they dislike are anti-Wokers. Because those are not inclusive, tolerant and friendly. These are people who are full of hatred and want to silence dissenters.

At least that's what Wokers say. To test that, I briefly threw a message on X/Twitter yesterday with just one sentence: "Woke is deadly."

The Wokes' reactions to that tweet prove that their hatred of traditionalists is first and foremost projection. In fact, they went absolutely berserk, scolded me for anything and everything, apparently managed to make very funny comments about my appearance (ironic, because in 90% of the cases they are really ugly as hell themselves), and threatened me.

One Johnny is the threatener: "Take care then, jerk" was his reply namely:

Another Woker, who is very body positive according to his self-image, responded with: "Your dirty goatee is devilish." A clever comment since this weirdo has never seen me live (and therefore does not know that the goatee in the photo is even longer and even dirtier these days. I will send him a DM with my updated goatee. I can scare him even more).

Another Woker responds with "fascism is deadly" and puts a picture of Thierry Baudet with it. So he claims a) that Baudet is a fascist and b) that he is a threat to the lives of others.

Then there is the crackpot John ter Beek. Who responds with: "Imbecile!"

(This article continues below this call) The Daily Standard fights Woke and Deugen. Hard. Every single day. But in doing so, we need your help. Donate to DDS today and help us, together with you, demolish Woke. Because if we don't, then no one in the media will.... and then Woke wins, which means the end of Holland as we know it .

This is what Woke is really like. These people are a) intolerant to the bone, b) embarrassingly rude, c) violent, and d) more aggressive than Mike Tyson. Really. If you say something they disagree with, they prefer to run at you and punch you in the mouth. Mind you, not on their own of course, because they are testosterone-less half-men. But still. In a group, they do it with all the love they can muster - no doubt taking shoes with stiletto heels off their size 45 feet and mistreating you with them.

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