Woke Madness: The woke sect is mounting an attack on our Gregorian calendar!

Mark Jongeneel

Mark Jongeneel

Woke Madness: The woke sect is mounting an attack on our Gregorian calendar!

It seems that the woke sect leaves no stone unturned in their crusade against everything traditional and culturally deep-rooted. Their latest target? The Gregorian calendar, the cornerstone of our measurement of time and division of the year. According to the latest whim of these cultural Marxists, our calendar is no longer virtuous because it is said to be too "traditional" and "colonial. So is nothing sacred anymore?

Auset Ankh Re argues in the Parool that the Gregorian calendar preserves "ancient traditions and colonial values. According to them, the dates of international holidays mainly represent Christian festivities or traditions with a colonial past. So what? Should we jettison our entire history and cultural identity for the sake of political correctness and white hatred?

This is nothing less than an attack on our culture and traditions. The Gregorian calendar, introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, is not only a means of measuring time, but also a reflection of our history and civilization. Yes, it contains Christian and Western traditions - because it is a product of our history and culture! Should we deny all this because it does not meet contemporary, supposedly "inclusive" standards?

This so-called struggle for inclusiveness and diversity is in reality an attempt to rewrite our history and identity. By claiming that the Gregorian calendar causes "marginalization and exclusion," these activists are trying to undermine the foundations of our society. Where does this end? Do we replace the entire calendar to please a handful of people who feel "excluded"?

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Let's be clear: respecting other cultures and traditions is important, but not at the expense of our own. Recognizing other calendars and holidays is fine, but tearing down the Gregorian calendar is a bridge too far. We must remain steadfast in preserving our traditions and cultural heritage. This woke madness has already done too much damage to our society; let's not allow it to destroy our calendar as well.

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