Rancid 'joke' Dolf Jansen falls flat: 'Should Johan Derksen be off TV or dead?'

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Rancid 'joke' Dolf Jansen falls flat: 'Should Johan Derksen be off TV or dead?'

We have known for some time that Dolf Jansen is a radical-leftist creep. But during his "New Year's Eve show" he really went out of his way. Many viewers blame him for literally saying: "Should Johan Derksen be off TV ... or dead?" Jansen himself finds the call ridiculous. People just don't understand his humor.

Imagine what would happen if a right-wing comedian made a joke about, say, Sigrid Kaag. "Should she be out of the cabinet or.... dead?" The next day the police would be at the best man's door, handcuffed. Whipped around the wrists, into the van, along to the station.

But when it comes to non-leftists, anything goes.

Just look at that crazy Dolf Jansen. During his New Year's Eve show, he made a supposedly very funny joke about Johan Derksen of Vandaag Inside. "We are going to introduce the consultative referendum," Derksen began over the party program of an imaginary political party. "Should Johan Derksen be off TV ... or dead?"

Jansen geradbraakt 

Not surprisingly, the reactions to this Jansen 'joke' are by no means positive. For example, X-user Elise de Windt let it be known that she watched the first three minutes of Dolf Jansen. Then she immediately heard this joke.

"This level so..." notices them.

Another X-user thought the same thing. "I also thought nice Lebbis & Jansen again after 17 years. But that after a few minutes Johan Derksen had to die I just turned it off again."

Later, Jansen responded to that himself. Because boy, how angry he was. All those people who were slagging off his ridiculous "humor" just don't get it! "Thanks for your piece of promo. Too bad you didn't understand the thought," said the man who apparently considers himself very intelligent but is actually dumber than the back end of a pig.

"Perhaps it was about the populist stupidity of n (advisory) referendum on big complicated issues? Combined with the fact that Derksen thinks you MUST SAY EVERYTHING! Something like that? Good luck this year!"

Also to that other X-user, Jansen says that the latter apparently "didn't understand" his "real" message. Because of course that message was heartbreakingly complex and deep! Ordinary people don't understand that! No, they only hear a horrible joke that clearly calls for violence. What stupid people they are!

Floris van Dierendonck Hertoch has the best response. "If someone from the right wing wishes someone dead in the left wing for fun, then the NOS and left wing nl like Dolf Jansen, boycott that so , but left wing dolf just won't understand that, something about IQ , bye Dolf!"

Of course, one could also say that it is not really surprising that a man whose parents gave him the name "Dolf" even after World War II finds this kind of "joke" perfectly normal.

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