Pervert Thijs Römer in court: 'Surely you can talk to minors about masturbation?'

Benjamin Huizen

Benjamin Huizen

Pervert Thijs Römer in court: 'Surely you can talk to minors about masturbation?'

Today is a bad day for actor Thijs Römer. For he is on trial for fornication with underage girls. In court, he now admits that he incites the girls to masturbate and "teaches" them how to make themselves come. But, he says, he didn't do that because it made him horny, no! He functioned as a kind of helper!

Thijs Römer is apparently a very dirty little man. In fact, the 44-year-old actor has a knack for talking about sex with underage girls - girls 30 years younger than him. And, the prosecution says, it's not just talk. He also encourages them to actually masturbate and send him images of it. If they don't, he becomes furious.

In court today, Römer denied that he asked them to take images of himself and then send them to him. Because, he said, he didn't find it all sexy at all! He did talk to the girls about sex, masturbation and ejaculation, but he did so like a kind old uncle; like a counselor. A kind of sex therapist who had and has absolutely no feelings about it himself.

"Surely you can just have a conversation about masturbation?" responded Römer when the prosecutor and the judge made it clear that surely it is lewdness for a 44-year-old man to treat 14-year-old girls in such a way. "So of here is the clitoris, there the fingers. That. It's not any more severe."

And it went much further. The girls in question - who are involved in the report - claim that he also demanded photos/images of them (while they were thus masturbating), and that he ended conversations with them if they did not comply. They felt tremendous pressure to accommodate him in this. He allegedly even promised them extras roles. Something he denies, of course. True, he did get nude photos, and maybe sent something on occasion, but he never rewarded that behavior. Well, okay, there are girls who got roles. But that was only because they just needed extras. That had nothing to do with nude photos and sexy chats.

Outraged reactions

It will surprise no one that on X, the former Twitter, people are reacting furiously and with disbelief to Römer's statements. In doing so, they find it particularly striking that Römer is one of those people who repeatedly takes the measure of right-wing politicians.

"But guys help me ff hear, that Römer was always finger-wagging on Twitter, wasn't he?" tweeted Marianne Zwagerman, for example. "Bit of Count Fungus Smurf style?"

Erik de Vlieger can only react with shock at the "your side just have a conversation, right?"

Mind you, you're not talking about conversations with girls who were 5 years younger than him, 10 years younger, or even 15. The difference was 25 to 30 (!) years. He couldn't even have been their big brother; he was more like a uncle. A very dirty, unreliable, rancid uncle.

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Incidentally, Römer claimed that he himself felt he did nothing wrong and that the thought didn't even occur to him that he might be committing a crime. And that's crazy. Because he demanded that the girls erase the conversations with him.

"Of course, I'm quite a well-known person. I thought, this shouldn't be out in the open," he responded when the officer asked him about it.

Uhu. Right.

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