Alarm! Dutch women have far too few babies: 'We have a huge problem'

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Alarm! Dutch women have far too few babies: 'We have a huge problem'

All the self-hatred, climate crisis bullshit, nitrogen lies and abortion propaganda we get dumped on us daily have a huge effect on our population composition. Professors are now sounding the alarm that Dutch women are having far too few babies. The birth rate is still only 1.43 children per woman. You need 2.1 children per woman to maintain our own native population. In time, this is going to seriously jeopardize our way of life. But the politicians don't care.

For decades, we hear daily that we humans are the problem. There would be "too many people." We would pollute the earth, and so on. It's all nonsense. As Elon Musk keeps explaining, the earth can much more people. The idea that our globe is full - or our country! - is hogwash.

There is a reason God said to Noah and his sons said, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth..." But the leftist globalists have filled us with self-hatred. Whole hordes of Dutch people are truly convinced that there are "too many people." On top of that

On top of that, life has become virtually unaffordable. In families, both parents have to work - part time at least, and often just full time. This is due to the misguided policies of the superannuated; policies aimed at making everyone in society "productive." Not because this "makes people fulfilled" and "happy" but because productive people can be taxed.

Both issues have caused Dutch families to have fewer and fewer children. "Surely it's a shame to bring a child into the world now," you hear indoctrinated people say. And the people who are not indoctrinated say that they do want to expand their families, but they just can't afford it.

Professor sounds alarm

The situation is by now becoming so intensely dire that experts are sounding the alarm. Emeritus professor of demogration and former CBS chief demographer Jan Latten does so today in De Telegraaf. There he makes it clear that the figures are really reason to panic. Something has to change. And quickly.

In millennium 2000, Dutch women were already not having many babies. That was a long-term problem then. But now, 23 years later, our women are having far fewer babies. The difference? The population has increased (due to immigration), yet our own women had as many as 42,000 fewer babies.

42,000 fewer babies. Not in 10 years. Not in 5 years' time. But in one year's time! And that repeats itself year after year after year.

Fertility, what fertility?

"Gradually we are growing toward a problematic situation," Latten said. That is one hundred percent correct. In fact, the fertility rate of our women is still only 1.43. That's not even nearly enough to keep our own Dutch, native-born population up. It means that our population is shrinking in that respect.

The big problem, Latten said, is that young families just can't take care of themselves anymore. "They almost all want children someday, but they want to build a warm nest first: a degree, a good job, a house.... That's increasingly difficult these days," the professor said. "The economic insecurity of existence is definitely influencing the fact that the number of children among people in their twenties is decreasing."

Huge problem

I can already hear lunatics shouting that this is "very good" because there are "too many people" on earth anyway. But so that's bullshit. It makes no sense at all. The earth can handle many more people - and so can the Netherlands.

In addition, the declining birth rate and thus the contraction of the native population is creating serious problems. Both economically and socially.


"The fewer children that are born, the less guarantee society has that there will soon be enough successors when people retire," Latten rightly says. "And then it remains to be seen whether we can compensate for that with migrant workers."

So the pensions of people still working today will be in jeopardy. Mind you, we're not talking about 100 years or so. No, we are talking about people of your and my age (born: 1984) who will suffer the consequences. ÒOur pensions cannot be paid - purely because we have too few children.


But that's not all. Because, Latten also says quite rightly, we are trying to deal with this problem by bringing mass immigrants to the Netherlands. This is not spoken out loud, by the way, by the globalist politicians who run our country, but it is true.

And that only makes the situation worse. Because, Latten explains, those people bring "their own culture." "Ultimately, that means fewer children leads to more immigration and also fuels the issue of 'how is that going to work with integration."

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In plain human language: the low fertility rates of Dutch women ensures that repopulation is not a backward conspiracy theory, but demographic fact. The globalist elites in the media as well as politicians hate to hear that - we are not even allowed to say it out loud. But it is a fact. It is the truth.

Something has to change. Dutch women must have more children. If that does not happen very soon, our country - and thus our culture - will eventually go under.

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