Investigation into Hunter Biden's tax fraud and illegal gun ownership gains momentum

Investigation into Hunter Biden's tax fraud and illegal gun ownership gains momentum

Special prosecutorDavid Weiss takes charge of a thorough investigation of Hunter Biden, the son of current U.S. President, Joe Biden. This investigationconcentrates on serious suspicions of tax evasion and illegal gun ownership. The announcement follows the rejected settlement proposal betweenHunter Biden and the Justice Department, which was shot down by a judge.

The investigation focuses on two main charges againstHunter Biden. First, he is suspected of not paying all of his income taxes for the years 2017 and 2018. These charges cast a shadow over his financial integrity and raise questions about the responsibility of someone with his background. Second, he is charged with violating the gun law because he purchased a firearm in 2018 without disclosing that he was addicted to cocaine. This violation turns the legal purchase into a felony, increasing the seriousness of the situation.

The whole fuss over the criminal investigation took a turn recently when a proposed settlement between Hunter Biden and the Department of Justice finally fell through. The settlement was intended to keepHunter Biden out of jail in exchange for a confession. However,after a judge expressed serious doubts about the content of the agreement, it fell apart and the way was open for a deeper investigation into the allegations.

This investigation undoubtedly poses a challenge to the incumbent president, Joe Biden, as he launched his re-election campaign in June and hopes to be re-elected next year.This investigation may hurt the president's campaign, as Republican opponents have long accused Hunter Biden of abusing his father's political power.

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