Epstein documents: 'Prince Andrew had orgies with young girls - all over the world'

Michael van der Galien

Michael van der Galien

Epstein documents: 'Prince Andrew had orgies with young girls - all over the world'

The randy Prince Andrew - who made a deal with Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre last year and thus in practice just bought her off - had orgies with young, underage girls all over the world. So say his victims in court documents that were secret until recently but were made public yesterday/tonight.

Giuffre has been telling people for years that the prince from hell abused her. She was forced to do so as a minor by Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. This happened on several occasions. Accordingly, there were photos of the two together.

His "relationship" with Giuffre has resulted in the prince being allowed to do little to nothing more for the royal family in England. His late mother Queen Elizabeth had punished him that way. Since her death, rumors had circulated that her successor King Charles might want to give him a second chance.

Well, so that's not happening. Because the new documents are really terrible for the prince.

"In London, in Ghislaine Maxwell's apartment, in New York, and on Epstein's private island near the Virgin Islands, he had orgies with multiple underage girls," according to a victim of Epstein who is referred to in the documents as "Jane Doe #3." That "Jane Doe" is used to somewhat mask her identity. After all, at the time of the crimes against her she was a minor, it is annoying for such a girl/now woman to carry the image of "sexual victim" with her.

Another victim of Epstein and his dirty men did go public. She spoke to Sky News. "I have lived in my own prison for the past 17 years," said this woman who is now an adult but was abused as a child by Epstein and his powerful friends, "because of what [Ghislaine Maxwell] and [Jeffrey Epstein] did to me. I was raped multiple times. Three times a day. And I wasn't the only girl on the island."

"There was a continuous stream of girls being raped over and over again," aldus Sarah Ransome said earlier during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell - the trial from which the now-released documents come.

(Article continues below this call) At DDS we are one of the few Dutch websites NOT afraid to expose the abuse of Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton, Prince Andrew and a whole host of other rich and powerful men. These perverts must be held accountable for their misconduct. Do you support us in this? Then help us! Donate to DDS via BackMe and help us take on these pedo elites!

"I've been to hell and back for the past few years," she said years after the abuse took place. Her tone leaves no doubt about how badly these girls suffered from the abuse organized by Epstein and Maxwell - and carried out by those two as well as by a series of very powerful, rich and famous men.

Thus, according to the documents used in court and on the basis of which Maxwell was convicted AND Prince Andrew snelletjes a financial deal with at least one of the sex victims, that prince was one of the most prominent abusers of all. And not just prominent, but regular. He made a routine of it. Over and over again.

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